So I’m now approaching the half way point of my UEFA B course, and oh my word is it hard…

So you start off with three days, where, if like me, you haven’t done an FA coaching course in 10 years, you get a real kick in up the arse! If you haven’t heard much about the ‘England DNA’, then this will come as something completely new… the old four corner model still exists, but this is taken to a whole new level.

The next thing is your practice design. Did you just scribble down a few ideas on a piece of paper or make up your session once you got there? Me too… however once you get used to taking time out to think about what ideas your session needs to cover, the key players who will be involved, the secondary and tertiary players for your session, and a full thought out plan as to WHY you need your session in the first place, it all becomes easier. Taking your time at this stage makes everything easier later.

As you move to the second block, this develops again, no longer is it just key players for your session, but now key units from within your team, secondary units, how they link, and alsonow a full rationale of the session including who on the pitch, where on the pitch, the phase of the game, the principles of play that will be involved. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise, however it can be a bit of a shock to the system.

How do you know how you are getting on? One of the course tutors will be assigneed to you and come out to in-situ visits. It’s nice to be able to coach with your own team and work with the problems you faceweek in and week out. Having just had my second in-situ visit, I can tell you stories of both good and bad.

My planning for both has been thourough, as it is every week, however maybe I went a little far… last weeks I found myself confused after the pre-training conversation with my course tutor, failing to get my session running in good time or achieving the goals I set myself, and to top it off, one of the other coaches from my team moving one of my goals and cutting the session short…

Have a learned from this… hell yes… probably the key message, football really isn’t that complicated and simplictity is key!

Now I wait for my next in-situ vist… I’ll keep you posted


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